August 2020 – “Things in life are already in motion, keep persisting and soon those things in motion will reveal themselves to you.”

July 2020 – “One of the most underrated things in life is burying the hatchet with those whom at one point meant the world to us. So that we may one day get back to the place when life was just as good and as sweet as it was before.”

June 2020 – “The World needs Anti-Humanism MORE THAN EVER NOW! I founded something in 2019 that hopefully will live on forever and change the course of Philosophical understanding of the 21st century and allow us to finally move society forwards. 2020 is the 1st year of Anti-Humanism! Join the movement!”

May 2020 – “As the flowers do bloom, and the trees bare their green coats, many new opportunities arrive for us all.”

April 2020 – “April Showers, Bring May flowers is a great sentiment for all us April babies…it really does show that we are hardworking so that others more to the forefront can show off and sell our hard work!.”

March 2020 – “Goals are good to have, but only if they are anchored by Priorities.”

February 2020 – “The best way to keep from sleeping, is to be deep in thought.”

January 2020 – “A new decade is more than just a new chapter, it gives us the opportunity to close the book of the 2010s, and reach up and grab that new 2020s book and start on page 1.”


December 2019 – “Chaos comes in many forms, best to own it in order to beat it.”

November 2019 – “I live my life, the only way I know how; ethically, spiritually and candidly.”

October 2019 – “Don’t look back at those of us that cannot keep up, keep looking forward or you will run into something and come to a dead stop.”

September 2019 – “The only person allowed to judge you is you. Other people’s opinions were not requested.”

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