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The Anti-Judgmentalism Handbook (April 15th, 2020) – In this inaugural work from the father of Anti-Humanism, Marcus Levis, he takes a dive into a conversation about the over judgementalization of our society. Why is it that we judge? What causes those judgments to appear? What can we do to stop judging? All of this an more is discussed in his first ever book! Written over the course of the year of 2019 Marcus is just getting warmed up and there is more and more to come from the young Philosopher and first person to claim the mantle of Anti-Humanism. We hope that this gets you thinking and creates discussion to help move humanity forwards!
2019 Meditations (April 15th, 2020) – The First of the Anti-Humanist Companion Pieces, The 2019 Meditations are an essay collection written by Marcus Levis as his warm ups before beginning to work on The Anti-Judgementalism Handbook. These essays contain beginnings of thoughts, potential book starters and of course thoughts on current events or really anything that came to his mind. This is best thought of as a taster to the style of writing before buying into the full product of the book of the year. The 2019 Meditations is the first in a yearly series of short essays that will be released! Hope you all enjoy!
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