The Power of Re-connection and letting go of the past

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog. I know that this post is venturing more into the realm of Spirituality and self-help, but bare with me as I walk you all through not only a journey I have been on recently, but give the reasons that I feel all of you should look within yourselves and maybe do the same if you are in a similar boat to what I was in for the last 18 months or so.

So, as I just mentioned, I had been going through a massive self-reflection journey from early 2019 till now, and with that came the end (so it seemed at the time) of certain relationships, one being with my mother and the other being with a really good friend of mine. The relationship with my mother got rocky in mid-late 2018 and I decided to walk away in order to let cooler heads prevail and similar too was the situation with my friend, minus the fact that I walked away from her in early 2019.

Both of these relationships appeared over for various reasons. With my mother it was due to a lack of compromise based on things that were going on in life at the time, with my friend it was more along the lines of a situation that was going on with others in our circle that drove a wedge between us because of something that someone within the circle was doing to me and that she failed (at the time) to see the things that were happening to me.

So I left them both…for different reasons, but in the same way…letting cooler heads prevail and allowing for them to reenter my life if the moment was right.

With my mother, I did not tell her this until after we reconnected back in December 2019 (after 18 months apart), but I had a time limit on that reconnection, if she did not reach out to me somehow, some way to apologize for her actions in 2018 and take some responsibility before the clock struck midnight on January 1st, 2020…then I was gone forever. She did however come through and messaged me on Christmas Eve 2019 and came in under the wire and we have been great ever since. She did apologize and we have reconciled, I am willing to let certain things go just to have her back in my life again, I love my mother of course, and nobody is perfect, but I would rather this than nothing at all.

With my friend the circumstances were a little different. I did not set a timeline, I originally did not think that this reconnection was even going to happen, or that I even wanted it originally, but I then realized in early 2020 that there was a hole in my heart where she used to be, and I wanted that person back in my life no matter what. I do not care how she was to be in my life, I just wanted my best friend back. I overheard from another friend of mine who went to her birthday party back in early February of 2020 that she mentioned that she missed me, and this got the ball rolling in my mind.

Come June 2020, I had again overheard that this friend of mine was going to go hang out with her for another of our friend’s birthdays and this time I gave him a letter I had written to her the previous night (got really inspired) that told her that I did want her back in my life and that I missed her (with my cell number written on the bottom of the letter). Later that night, after she read the letter, I got a text and we eventually spoke on the phone and it was as if there never was a gap of 18 months between the March 2020 walking away and the July 2020 eventual reconnection.

Life feels complete again for me. You all can have the same feeling by just learning to forgive and forget somethings about people in order to allow them back into your life (especially if they added a hell of a lot). It has really helped with my personal growth, especially moving into this decade where I told myself that I did not want to have any 1996-2019 problems persisting, and now that those are cleared up there is only ONE left that needs to be dealt with…

Military Life

More to come on that!

Philosophy #18 – Alphas, Betas and Omegas

In another of our “future book” series meditations, this entry will be a bit of a taste into what my 4th book will be about. Anti-Judgementalism Handbook, Anti-Humanism and whatever book 3 is going to be (I know, but I do not want to reveal it at this moment, but I have written on this topic already this year) will be coming before this one does, but in due time this one will emerge as one of the cornerstone pieces of Antihumanist theory about society.

In the wild, wolf packs have a ranking system; Alphas are the leaders, Betas are the followers and Omegas are the weaker members that need to be cared for by the remaining members of the pack. I am of the belief that these roles also exist within our own society, but with one small twist and what I will call the game-changer that exists only among the human society and certainly not among the animals; the Alpha Maker. The highest of the ranks. Let me explain this all in more detail so that it makes more sense.

Alphas in our society, much like in that of the wolf pack, are the leaders, the trail blazers, the ones people go to for advice, the strongest among us (not just in physical strength) and certainly the ones with the most name recognition within our groups. The Alphas carry their head high, lead their teams into any challenge and certainly are the ring leaders of their social groups, the glue that holds them together sometimes and most certainly there are quite a few situations that could not happen without them being present. Everyone within a group generally knows who that is. Alphas are the ones that come up with original ideas, the ones who help to champion group unity and rally around celebrating those achievements of others in the group or in pushing ideas from the Betas and Omegas within the group. I would have to say about 5% of people in society are Alphas, a Beta who leads a group of Betas is not an Alpha, just saying before talking about Betas.

Betas within the wolf packs are the workers, the ones that get very little name recognition, but are quintessential for the group to exist, because without Betas to act as buffers, a group full of Alphas would rip themselves apart (I have seen this firsthand), so having those that perform buffer roles within the groups is society are needed. Betas tend not to come up with many of their own ideas when it comes to groups, but they do tend to be far more creative than Alphas and can often tweak an Alpha’s idea into something a lot better and more manageable to them throw back at the Alphas for them to promote. Betas are the natural followers, you will not see Betas often put in positions of leaderships because either they do not desire it, or they lack the confidence and direction to go after and seek many opportunities. Betas make up over 65% of people in my view. Omegas have a vastly different makeup than Betas, which I will explain.

Now, Omegas are not often talked about in society because many people may view it as “insulting” to be classed in the lowest class on the ladder, but someone has to be there, and unfortunately there are A LOT of people who fit in this category, but as I will talk about in a little bit, there are ways to improve your status and move up. Omegas are the weaker followers, those that cannot seem to get their lives on track, those without will power, those stuck in a melancholic stupor constantly drowning in their own sorrow or dealing with overcoming the many life challenges that continue to beat them down every day. Unfortunately, Omegas are usually people during a specific phase of their lives (not to mention, to adults, all children are Omegas automatically, though they may have their own A,B,O hierarchy, to all adults, anyone under 18 does not even register on the adult hierarchy). We all at some point have gone through being an Omega (a lot of us as Children), and once moved up to Beta it is often impossible to be demoted back to Omega unless you give up on yourself. Omegas are constantly NEEDING others in order to get through life, Betas pity them, and Alphas feel the need to take them under their wing and kick them in the ass to get moving again. Omegas need help in order to get to Beta status because they often have no idea how to move through life. Omegas make us about 29% of the general population and the number is growing more and more with the uncertainties of the world.

Now, the newer class, the one that only exists among humans and certainly not the animals is the Alpha Maker. These 1% of the population (myself included) are those that make alphas (plain and simple). Alphas acknowledge other Alphas, but only Alpha Makers have the tools and skills to elevate other people from Omega to Alpha. These are the Top TOP dogs. I have helped many people climb the ladder of success into believing in their own lives, I have saved several people from ending their own lives to see them making the best of their lives now (without me in it now), and those are some of the sacrifices that Alpha Makers have to make. We take people under our wings in order to help give them the stability that they need to improve and live the best life, but often we get tossed to the side when it is all over because we were only needed for the ride, not the destination. We just have to accept that and move on.

Now, how does one move through the ranks? I will walk everyone through that briefly before finishing this meditation. Omegas can become Betas simply by gaining stability over their personal and mental situation. By gaining the control over your life, that can promote you to the rank of Beta where you can gain more confidence. Now, the process of going from Beta to Alpha is a longer process and often times will involve changing things about your personality. Alphas do not take shit from anyone. Alphas learn their lessons to be better, Alphas seek out the best for themselves and are constantly evolving. Alphas are the glue that holds certain social groups together that could not function without them. Alphas are leaders, you must also then be recognized as such by at least one other Alpha or by an Alpha Maker in order to gain that promotion. To move up to Alpha Maker, you much not only be recognized by another Alpha Maker, but have the work to prove it, who have you helped move up to the rank of Alpha? What was their live life as a Beta and how much better is it now that you have helped them to make it better? These are all important questions if you want the status of joining the Alpha Makers.

This book will be coming in the coming years…two more still to go before I being penning this one, but here is the base outline of my thoughts!

1 Week of the new Avenue

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! We are now 1 week (and a bit) into the new direction and I figured that I would update everyone on where it started a week ago, and where we are now as we end the month of June 2020 and move into July 2020 starting tonight!

On the 23rd of June I was only just beginning the process, I had been having issues with the website for the Canadian Forces where maybe due to large traffic the site was not loading properly and whatnot…and one point when at work on an overnight, I finally got into the application and the servers shut off at 2am! I was frustrated for sure! I prevailed though and later that morning I finished the application.

Fast forward a couple of days and I have received several confirmation emails that have told me to get in touch with the local recruitment office and to get my documents together (which I did last night, they are all in an envelope on my desk ready for when we book the Aptitude Test) and now the waiting game! They did tell me that my application was chosen for next level of assessment which is great news! They did say that I should hear back from them within the next 5 business days (you know I will be on the lookout), and I should call them if I do not! If I do not hear from them by Thursday the 9th, I will be calling, you can guarantee that much! Too excited haha!

Thank you for reading, be back tomorrow!

The Shift Work Stuggles

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! One of the things that I have been finding quit hard to deal with over the last 2 years of doing shift work has been the day-night cycle adjustment. It seems that no matter how often you do it, no matter how long a stretch I get on, that changing from an overnight stretch to having to live by day is always tough. I love the day living mind you (seeing the sun in a huge bonus), but I do love the working at night (since I am by myself and get to work on my project and blog in peace and read or whatnot). There may also be fewer crisis that need responding to at once, and with that I can easily focus my attention.

Sometimes too without coffee (which I had recently been doing) it can be rather tough and there is a feeling of being REALLY dead tired by the time I get home at around 8-9am the following morning. I love what I do, do not get me confused, but at the same time the shift change from work to life takes rapid adjustment and even now that I am a 2 year veteran at doing this, it can still be really hard. *takes sip of coffee*

I am working a day shift right now as I write this out, and that is kind of what made me want to start this conversation. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments about your work-life struggles I would love to hear it!

Also – New Logo for the Anti-Humanist Movement! Let me know your thoughts!

Lightning Striking at the Heart of Society’s many broken systems! That is the call of the Anti-Humanist!

Philosophy #17 – The Role of Mercury in Retrograde

Considering that this is being written during the 2nd of 3 Mercury in Retrograde (henceforth will be referred to by the acronym MIR) periods for 2020, this could honestly not be written at a better time. As a Witch, but also someone who does have a fairly profound belief in quite a few of the major pieces of Astrology, MIR was something of a mystery to me until about 2 years ago when I decided to finally look into it, and much like for me, once you read about it, you will not be able to avoid it since you will know.

So let me warn you right now, if you wish to continue living ignorantly to what MIR consists of, and if you would like to not have to worry about the potential negative effects that it can offer (though the rewards are 100 times sweeter) I am going to tell you to look away now. Once you know you are no longer protected from it during the periods it is in effect. Consider this the warning.

Mercury in Retrograde is a period where the planet of Mercury goes into Retrograde compared to the constellations in the sky and more specifically those in the traditional zodiac. In different words, the God Mercury comes into our houses (constellations) and messes with our shit. He wants us to clean up and fix ourselves in order to prepare for the challenges that will come in the next non-MIR period. Mercury is constantly watching us during this period in order to make sure that we are sticking only to doing things that we have already started. In a way this is actually a good thing that there are 3-4 periods of the year where the universe is telling us to focus only on those things that we have already started.

Some of the common things that you will experience during MIR are; technology issues, people seeming more irritable than usual without being able to explain it (but you can), a slower passage of time and also a little chaos within your own sphere because life will be complicated as you are dealing with the things that maybe you did not think you had to.

The rules for MIR are the following; No new relationships, jobs, plans, trips, hobbies or friendships (unless they were underway already prior to MIR) and the biggest one…NO PLANNING ANYTHING FOR AFTER MIR DURING MIR! The whole point of this period in time is to learn to tie up loose ends for the things that we all already have going, not to start new things and have life get more convoluted. The biggest, and most important thing…make sure that you always keep a positive attitude. There is nothing more important than to keep an eye on the prize at the end of the road, MIR usually lasts 21-25 days at a time so it can seem like a daunting task going all of that time without really being able to change routine, but trust me the rewards of a calmer life, peaceful life are so much more worth it and you will be so much more in control and ready to face whatever opportunities are coming your way.

The Road to 2021 Royal Military College Entry!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! As per my post yesterday, I said that today I was going in more detail to explain the military road ahead of me that I have always wanted to pursue and that I finally will be pursuing.

In 2013 while in grade 12 I sent out an application to the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston. Somewhere where as a Sea Cadet I had spent 5 out of my 6 summers as a teenager. I was familiar with the campus/base, I had my favourite spots and since I was in the cadet program, it was a no-brainier for me to want a military career at 18 years of age, especially since this was an accredited University that would offer a Bachelors Degree along with the time spent training for a life as an officer.

Unfortunately for the 17 year old me, I got denied due to a late application (they were due by November 30th, 2013) because I had submitted mine in early December and that had already been too late.

I then met a girl, got engaged and during that 2 1/2 year long relationship she talked me out of doing the career that I wanted most for myself, but after I ended things in 2016 I do not know what happened, because despite the fact that my parents were telling me to get back on the horse and apply and maybe get in for the fall of 2017, I had no interest in this road anymore it seemed.

Well, fast forward now to 2020 and during the age of Covid-19, and I was now of a renewed interest due to the fact that I was watching the news and seeing the reserve forces members getting called in to old age homes for administrative purposes to help in the fight against Covid-19. Now, I do work front lines as it is, in a mental health setting, but I find myself sitting on my butt at work most of the time, with very little to do and really felt myself get invigorated and want to get back into the fight…

And there it was..

The old flame from pre-2016 had reignited and I was again interested in moving forward, yes at 24 for an entry into the Royal Military College, for age 25 in the fall of 2021! I want, nay I need, to join the Navy! It was my dream and I swear I will do everything it takes and wait as long as I have to (they are saying due to Covid-19 the process could take 3-12 months at the moment) which is why I am shooting to stick it out here at my current Career doing the part-time social work until I can get in for Fall of 2021! This blog will be coming with me to document the journey and keep the Philosophy alive and kicking in this new movement we are creating!

I will update you all in 2 days about how the process is going, tomorrow I have a new Philosophical piece I want to post, so I will be doing that, but come Monday, you bet I will be filling you all in on how the process has gone in the first week since the journey began!

Thanks for reading! Till tomorrow!

The Future of the blog

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the future, and one of the things I have been thinking about is this blog of course. I know that I have been trying to get it off the ground (in my mind) in order for me to get excited to do daily posting. I need to get on here and post more if I ever plan on being seen as serious as a blogger.

There is more as well, I am thinking of an overhaul for the site, name change and everything to come on the 1st anniversary of the site on September 2nd, 2020! More to come on that. I want the Philosophical angle to really be pushed with the new name and design choices.

In my personal life I have also chosen to move in a different direction. I want to get into the military. It is something that has been my dream from the 1st day I joined the cadet program in 2008 and even when I aged out in 2015 it was still something I wanted. I will cover that in more detail in tomorrow’s post!

Daily posting begins now, I promise I will be here again tomorrow!

The Past, Present and Future of the Net (Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0)

Algonquin College Social Media Certificate Program

Two of the major things in things in this course that I have gotten very excited about learning have been the development of better and better networks as I talked about in the last blog post, but here is the other one; development of the web itself. In today’s final blog post for COM0011 – Introduction to Social Media, I would like to talk a little bit about the evolution of the web itself, through the phases of Web 1.0, 2.0 and the future of Web 3.0. Huge shoutout to this article from which will be also added to the bibliography of this post where you can get more information on this topic.

Web 1.0

These are the earliest days of the internet. From basically 1994 when the internet was first launched, until around 2004 when social media sites started popping up, these were the types of sites…

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The Evolution of Mobile Networks – a Discussion

Algonquin College Social Media Certificate Program

Think back to the first phone that you had…was it a flip phone? Blackberry with a sliding keyboard or maybe you were lucky and your first one had a nice touch screen on it? I just want to take a minute to discuss many of the changes to the smart communication channels that I have noticed over the years. From the 2G networks of the 90s all the way to the 5G networks of the 2020s and beyond (including some of the things that I have heard about 6G which should be arriving c. 2030). This Wikipedia Article talks about the different currently existing mobile phone generations and gives a good recap of everything I am going to talk about, and this video from Brightside on YouTube gives great predictions for the future with 6G.

Early Networks

Starting all the way back in the 1980s 1G cellular networks were used…

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