First Day of University

Time now for the first real post on this site. This is a little bit more of a journal entry style post, but right after this I will be posting one of the pieces that I wrote a little earlier this year, as a starter piece, talking about why I got rid of Facebook for good! I hope you enjoy it, and this!

Let me talk for a minute about the feeling of that first day of university. Let me talk for a minute about that feeling of going somewhere that you know is about to become a huge part of your life over the next however long, but this place has just gone from being a point on a map somewhere to part of your identity.

Its huge

The towering buildings on the campus, the sea of people, the train that drops you off at the station, the river running along side the campus, the mess of greenery all placed in the right spots to liven the place up. This is huge, not just because this is an amazing first step that you are undertaking, but, call it “prestalgia” because you know one day you will look back really fondly on your time here, all of the friends you are going to make, club experiences, classes, professors and staff you meet and you are going to have a wealth of stories to tell.

It all starts with Day 1, and that day for me, was today.

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello internet!

My name is Marcus Levis and I am a 23 year old, Social Service Worker who is also a 1st Year Philosophy student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I have been someone who has always had a lot on the mind philosophically, and I have over the course of the last 5 years written quite a few little essays and whatnot and really have had very little place to share them for the world. I want to see others who agree, disagree and are willing to chat and debate about the ideals that have come to my mind. I would like to create this as a forum for my musings and a forum where we can all come together on the internet and discuss Philosophy modern and ancient! If you will join me on this journey I will love it no matter what goes on since Philosophy is not about always agreeing, but about coming together to discus the who, what, where, when, why and how!

Join me on this journey everyone! First true blog post coming up later today!