Happy 1 Year of The Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! I cannot believe that even though I have not been the most active all year, we have finally made it to the 1 year anniversary of Marcus’ Philosophical Musings! I want to thank each of the 32 followers that we have gained over the 1st year of the blog for your reading of the posts are checking out of the site!

I have a slightly loftier goal in mind for the second year of the blog I feel. I would like to see it reach 100 followers before September 2nd, 2021! I think that could be more doable for sure.

Oh, and there is a little bit more…there are some changes coming to the blog right now! The name of the blog is now changing from Marcus’ Philosophical Musings to The Anti-Humanist Perspective!

As the founder and father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy, this has been the home for over the last year when it comes to all things Anti-Humanism, but moreover I want to make it more official, get more active on here, and get more conversation and debate as to the merits of my philosophical views for the future.

So, if you have not followed, come and join me on this wild ride that will continue for the next year! Let’s do this!

Samhain Tarot Reading 2020

Perfect Time of year now! Samhain 2020 is coming!

Blog of A Witch

Better late than never. Spread taken from Biddy Tarot. Spiritsong Tarot deck.

1. Me in this present moment. Strength. Yes, it is taking all my darned strength to find focus, and power through even things I want to do. Iso brain. I will come through this, as long as I don’t bull myself, but be as gentle as an elephant can be, as sensitive to my own needs as an elephant’s skin.

2. What lies in the past? 8 of Shells, Starfish. This memoir is actually the next step to being at rest with it all, disentangling myself from it. Take time to acknowledge recovery.

3. What is ahead in the future? 2 of Acorns, Falcon. Trust yourself that you know what you’re doing. I have a vision, hold to it. Focus. Let other things fall away.

4. What messages do my ancestors wish to share with me? High Priestess…

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Philosophy #20 – You Can’t Please Everyone

No matter what you do, you cannot please everyone. This is something that no doubt we have ALL heard at some point in our lives, and it is something that we all have probably learnt the hard way why it turns out to be true. Things that we say, and things that we do are always going to upset someone and there is often no positive sense in making people who do not matter in your life happy, when what you are doing is not wrong per say, but just “not what they would do”. A good example can be found online. Anything that you say on the internet will have its supporters and its haters. You just need to learn to block out the haters. This is one thing that I see from a lot of YouTubers when it comes to their hate comments. The hate comments are better ignored in order to keep everyone at peace since they can ruin ones mental health if you get bogged down in them. Same goes for when it comes to making everyone happy, you should not focus on that, since the people who you WANT to be happy probably already are.

Now, there is of course another side to all of this, and what would the case be if maybe we had parents or other people in our lives who it seems that we could never make happy? These are people we surely value, but also people who seem to have a never-ending list of tasks to be set that only make them satisfied but never happy it seems. Well, in that case you need to learn to live for yourself and not for others. There exists in Psychology a term called “locus of control” and what this means is where exactly the control over your life comes from. The best of these loci to have is the internal Locus of control. This means that you are in control of your own life, and to have what is called an external locus of control would mean that you are either letting life or others push you around and not take charge over your own life. If you live in the terrible position where other people’s expectations of you are too much, you need to tell them (kindly) to take a step back and let you live your life the way you want to live it.

People can be a little overbearing sometimes and we will all encounter that, whether from a parent, friend, co-worker, boss, teacher whoever, it is going to happen to all of us, but the one person that we should all be focused on pleasing is ourselves. Once we have all of the things that we want in life and are happy with the way things are, then we can begin to work on helping others, I believe that to be a massive key to a happy life.

Be in control of your own life, make the most of it and then when you are where you want to be, help others get to where you are. Simple and easy.

What has the Covid-19 era taught us about ourselves?

Living in this new age of the world, not just with the start of a new decade, but also with how connected the world has become since 2010 still leaves many things to be desired, but at the very least you would think, a society as advanced as ours would have worked on a few things, fixed a few things and certainly gotten a society where everyone has equal opportunity and is treated equally correct.

That is of course not the case at all.

During this worldwide pandemic that we have been in, it has shown more and more the darker side of humanity as a whole, and one of the biggest reasons that WE NEED ANTIHUMANISM now more than ever! Humanity has the wrong goals, the wrong focuses and is certainly not treating everyone equal.

It starts with the very beginning of this pandemic, when everyone was butt rushing to the stores to stock up on all of the toilet paper that they could get. NO IDEA why that was important, but somehow most of society had believed that somehow Coronavirus gives you the shits so damn bad that you will run out of toilet paper if you do not buy at least 5 or 6 packs of 24 rolls. Some people are now not only foolish, but also now have enough stockpile to last themselves the next year or more and it cannot be returned! That shows you very clearly the greed of the average person. The fact that they are only looking out for themselves and not for others. I am not a huge fan of social contract theory, but John Locke talks about making sure that “as good and as much” is left for everyone, and certainly that was not the case. I remember back in March-May of 2020 when there was barely any toilet paper on the shelves of any store, and right now, as of September 2020 the thing I cannot find for the life of me are sanitizing wipes (Lysol and all of that) and that comes down to the fact that people will buy up ALL OF THEM at first notice on the shelves. Not enough for everyone…that is my point, we could handle anything in life better if we let everyone have a piece of a action.

Covid-19 has also done a genuinely nice job in really opening everyone’s eyes up to many of the systems in society that are not working (or never did but people were too lazy to do anything about). The first of those being the Long-Term Care Facilities. Many of the worlds governments have essentially left older people in those homes to die. Many of those homes have gone uninspected for YEARS (looking at Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario for this one) and because of that there was a lack of Personal Protective Equipment (henceforth referred to as PPE) in many of these places, and because of that there were many staff who abandoned ship, saving their own asses and leaving many of the elderly residents to live and eventually die in their own filth. Disgusting.

The second of those systems has been the larger healthcare system. The hospital and clinic systems being overrun by people who are sick and dying and of course there are not enough beds for them so many people back in the early days of the pandemic were not dying in hospitals, were walking around sick, but untested because there were not enough centers for testing because one of the major piss offs for me when it comes to the human race in general is that they would rather protect their bottom line than try and PREVENT things from happening. We could have had this pandemic under control like SARS in 2002-03, but the problem is that no one wants to fork out them money to take care of other people. Too many people with a lot of money who are scared of “the welfare state” and actually seeing everyone being taken care of and being happy. I will discuss that more in a later essay for sure.

The final major thing that Covid-19 has really helped bring more to light is the injustices of policing. Now, we have known this forever that people of colour have always had a raw deal (for lack of a better way of putting it) when it comes to law enforcement, criminal charges and sentencing. It is not right that just because of the colour of someone’s skin that they should be getting it any worse than anyone else. Not right at all. Police should not be using deadly force on people who are resisting, nor should police only be taught to “react” not “think” before doing anything. There should be Community Social Workers hired on with Police to go to smaller incidents as to not blow them out of proportion because of the nature in which police are taught to act. Racial sensitivity training is a MUST HAVE for police now as well so that more deaths like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Treyvon Martin, Abdirahman Abdi, Atatiana Jefferson, Aura Rosser, Stephon Clark, Botham Jean, Philandro Castille, Alton Sterling, Michelle Cusseaux, Tamir Rice and Freddy Gray can all be avoided. 1 is too fucking many, but the fact that there are too many for me even to type out here is ridiculous. We have known all about this since pre-covid, but higher society has still refused to act. Antihumanists would act, they would own these mistakes about society and FIX THEM!

Covid-19 continues to unmask many of the things about society that have been problematic behaviors and systems. There will be a follow up to this essay called “Dear COVIDIOTS” that I will be doing at a later point in time this year, so wait around for that for more of my thoughts on the anti-maskers and Coronavirus Parties and so forth.

PS. Happy 100th Post on the blog!

Philosophy #19 – Cutting the Noise (Minimalism)

One of the reasons that I undertook minimalism as a new way of life is because it has many benefits, both known and those that I would not realize till later would be something that I need desperately. Simplifying your life is not a matter of throwing everything away and starting off with nothing (which is what most people figure is what it is all about). Minimalism for me has been freeing. Allowing me to get rid of ONLY the things in my life which bring me no joy or bring me no value, and of course there are many ways to go about it.

The Minimalists (Josh Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus) have many of their own ways, but even they tell those of us who watch their documentary or listen to their podcasts that we should take their template and find our own recipe. For me I have taken one of their major rules, something that they call the 90-90 rule. This means that if there is something that you have not used within the last 90 days (3 months) or you do not see yourself using in the next 90 days, then get rid of it, because if it is something that much later you will find value in, you can just go and get another one. For myself, the rule is more 720-720. Every two years (starting in 2017) I go through all of my things and put them to that test. Have I used this since (per the first example) 2015 or do I see come 2019 that it will have a use? No? Then it goes…and you have to be willing to let go of it. In 2017 I got rid of 200+ books. Many of them were books that I knew I was not gong to read, they did not bring me much value and when you really break it down, in 2017 I was 21, and in my early 20s where I may move a lot during the next 10-15 as my life gets better, I did not want to have to haul all of these books with me as I moved (and I since have moved both in 2018 and 2019). I then repeated this process of Minimalism again in 2019 and will again come the summer of 2021.

So, that is all fine and dandy, but what is it that I mean when I say “cut out the noise” as per the title of this essay? Well, the above thing with the simplifying is more of a “known” benefit, the cutting out of the noise is more of a hidden benefit. The Minimalists refer to “noise” as decisions made or decisions to be made. When there is a lot of noise, it means that there is a lot of internal noise, a lot of things rattling around in our heads when thinking to ourselves “what do I want to do”, for me this is a constant. I have a million thoughts in my head at a time, and the one thing that I needed the most, was Minimalism (little did I know) as an outlet for getting rid of many of the things that were just cluttering my space, and finally allowing me to get around to the things that I really want to do. Being able now to focus on those that I get value from and being able to keep my attention because now nothing in my space goes untouched.

In the beginning it will be very hard because you will feel some sort of attachment to everything that you line up to throw away, but if you keep telling yourself that as soon as you have chosen it, it is “already gone” even before you toss it for real, you will feel a sense of relief, and the declutter is not to be thought of as a “loss of stuff” but a gaining of peace of mind and a cutting out of the noise

2019 Meditations – Appreciation Post

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Yesterday we talked about my main work that was published this year in The Anti-Judgementalism Handbook, and now it is time to talk about the companion piece; 2019 Mediations.

Marcus Aurelius wrote a series of Mediation which were in the old Latin meaning “letters to myself” and in a way I look to adopt something similar, minus the reasoning. I an writing a series of meditations as a warm up of 1-3 pages, single spaced, on one philosophical topic as a way of getting my mind in the right place to write more in my book. The 2019 Meditations are the first of such yearly incarnations. I write these warm-up essays and I will pick the best ones every year and publish them (after a little grammatical overlook).

Some of these may be random thoughts that I have, a way into my mind, some of them may be book starters and at a later point in time we will all be able to point back at 2019 Meditations and say, oh damn, _____ originated from one of the essays written in 2019 and some of the works may also spawn other essays on the subject.

I will link out at the bottom, much like with yesterday’s post to the page on my site that can send you to Kindle Direct (also available on Apple Books) where for around .99 cents you can purchase the 2019 Mediation. I meant to publish it for free, but Amazon will not let me do it (Apple does though…so it is a free download on IOS, just search Marcus Levis in Apple Books).

This is the book that either will enhance your understanding of my writings after reading AJH, or it is the first taste and you will read this, then decide if you want to spend the roughly $10 to buy AJH, but I hope that you will in order to help out the movement!

Link: https://marcusphilosophy.ca/marcus-levis-books/

PS. After this post, I will only be posting ONCE at the end of each month promoting all of my works (unless I release new ones)!

Anti-Judgementalism Handbook – Appreciation Post

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog. I wanted to take some time and over this post and the next one, promote my books that I have published on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books. I have 2; Anti-Judgementalism Handbook and 2019 Meditations. I will talk about the 2019 Meditations tomorrow, for today, let me talk about my main piece of 2019 writing.

The Anti-Judgementalism Handbook was the first FULL LENGTH piece of Philosophy I have ever written. The book itself is one of the first proper pieces of Anti-Humanist Literature ever written, and it talks about why it is that society at large feels the need to judge…why it is that we feel this need to compare others to us and what exactly we feel that we get from it and also how it is that we can identify the different kinds of judgments and how to stop them.

This is certainly not an easy process to do, working out all of ones internal and external judgments, but I feel it would make the world one hell of a better place if that did happen. That is what my book is about, it is not particularly long, and not particularly hard to read as I do not believe that change can be made if one writes books as an “academic” for other “academics”. Change is made on the everyday level, and when writing my books I think about my friends and family members who do NOT read Philosophy and whom I would not call “academics” and so I wish to write my books in a way that all can get the messages from them, AJH is exactly like that.

I will link at the bottom of this entry to the page on my site where you can link out and buy them, please help support the Anti-Humanist movement of the 21st Century by buying the original literature. The book only costs about $8.99 CAD (thus cheaper for Americans and even more so for UK Citizens) so it will not break the bank and I just want to see more people reading it and trying to get the messages I have put into The Anti-Judgementalism Handbook!

Thank you all for your time, read this book, help me out and enjoy!

Link: https://marcusphilosophy.ca/marcus-levis-books/

Life Military Updates

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog, I will today do a quick update on the life situation that I have been in the middle of doing over the past several months. I have been in the middle of joining the Royal Canadian Navy and there have been some minor updates, but let me walk you all through the entire process up to this point!

First thing is first, I began the application to the Navy back in late-June and completed the application about 4 days after beginning the process. They then got back to me not that long afterwards about the Aptitude test, of which I took back on July 21st, 2020 and managed to pass, of which they then told me that I would have to wait up to 30 days to hear back abou the medical and interview stages.

Yesterday I finally got the call back from the recruiting office telling me that I am finally in for the medical process on August 25th, 2020 and the interview stage, which will be September 9th, 2020. I am super pumped to finally get more on with this process as this is the path that I feel I am meant to travel.

I just figured that I would update everyone on the process real quick, and tomorrow I will try to bring a little more Philosophy back to the blog haha!

Till tomorrrow!

Scathing Critique of Internet Connection

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! This is not going to be the longest post, but one of the things that pisses me off to no end is how a router and wi-fi network that is supposed to be able to carry 40-50 devices without issue somehow cannot do it! I have little to no idea how exactly it cannot even seem to do the like 20-25 devices that are here in the house. Yes, I have roommates and they all have devices, but they are all stating much of the same issues, but it seems like the internet likes to pick favourites and today it seems it is not me…I hope even this little rant of mine uploads because this is just insane how I cannot seem to upload anything or download anything or how I was only able to play online earlier for like 90 minutes with a friend before it cut out. I AM TRYING TO MAKE SERIES CONTENT! I cannot have these interruptions!

Thank you for letting me rant, this is a space for that, let me know of any of your internet woes in the comments!

Talk to y’all tomorrow with some Life Path updates!

Absence over, back with much to share!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! First thing is first, I want to welcome the 5 new followers to the blog over the course of the last 4-6 weeks to join the movement here on Marcus’ Philosophical Musings! Up to a total of 31 now here on the blog and this is growing a little more and more every day!

I know that I have been saying this for quite some time, but I would really like to get back on the train of posting every day, especially since I have a lot to share in the here and now, a lot I have been doing in the background and of course some changes to the site that I am working on as we are approaching the 1 year anniversary of the site on September 2nd, 2020! I cannot believe it!

Okay, okay first thing is first, in this post I want to talk about something new I have been trying that has worked on helping keep me focused, and save a lot of the other post ideas that I have for the coming days.

The thing I have been trying is something I like to call a “Passion Priority List” this has come into being because I am someone with a lot of things that I like to do and I feel that if I focus too much on one specific thing at a time that I will lose out on the other things and lose interest in them, but I will admit, trying to balance doing a little bit of everything at a time slowly ends up leaving you in a state of mental breakdown as you try and balance all of the things that you love to do and only are able to just chip away at them and not really dedicate anytime to one thing and really feel like you are living in the moment doing that thing in particular.

I created this list to encompass my passions; writing, reading and gaming. Too often in my life I will go long periods of time doing more of one than the other (usually reading did get the shit end of the stick, including in 2018 where i can tell you I read a grand total of 0 books for probably the first time since 1998 (when I was 2)) and I will feel bad about neglecting one thing over another and stress out sometimes to the point where I end up doing nothing and veg out for days at a time not feeling particularly productive.

This list has really helped me to feel productive, I have many, MANY things on this list, but I focus only on the top thing on the list (or the second to top thing if the top thing is location specific such as playing a game on PC) and then when I check it off and highlight it in green as done, I put something of that same category at the bottom that I want to get around to in the future and thus we have a never ending list, but nothing ever gets neglected. All of the green highlights and checks show all that I have accomplished and makes me feel good about myself.

How about all of you fellow bloggers? What do you do to keep your priorities in line?

More to come from me tomorrow 🙂