Anti-Judgementalism Handbook – Appreciation Post

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog. I wanted to take some time and over this post and the next one, promote my books that I have published on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books. I have 2; Anti-Judgementalism Handbook and 2019 Meditations. I will talk about the 2019 Meditations tomorrow, for today, let me talk about my main piece of 2019 writing.

The Anti-Judgementalism Handbook was the first FULL LENGTH piece of Philosophy I have ever written. The book itself is one of the first proper pieces of Anti-Humanist Literature ever written, and it talks about why it is that society at large feels the need to judge…why it is that we feel this need to compare others to us and what exactly we feel that we get from it and also how it is that we can identify the different kinds of judgments and how to stop them.

This is certainly not an easy process to do, working out all of ones internal and external judgments, but I feel it would make the world one hell of a better place if that did happen. That is what my book is about, it is not particularly long, and not particularly hard to read as I do not believe that change can be made if one writes books as an “academic” for other “academics”. Change is made on the everyday level, and when writing my books I think about my friends and family members who do NOT read Philosophy and whom I would not call “academics” and so I wish to write my books in a way that all can get the messages from them, AJH is exactly like that.

I will link at the bottom of this entry to the page on my site where you can link out and buy them, please help support the Anti-Humanist movement of the 21st Century by buying the original literature. The book only costs about $8.99 CAD (thus cheaper for Americans and even more so for UK Citizens) so it will not break the bank and I just want to see more people reading it and trying to get the messages I have put into The Anti-Judgementalism Handbook!

Thank you all for your time, read this book, help me out and enjoy!


Published by mlevis1996

24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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