The Power of Re-connection and letting go of the past

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog. I know that this post is venturing more into the realm of Spirituality and self-help, but bare with me as I walk you all through not only a journey I have been on recently, but give the reasons that I feel all of you should look within yourselves and maybe do the same if you are in a similar boat to what I was in for the last 18 months or so.

So, as I just mentioned, I had been going through a massive self-reflection journey from early 2019 till now, and with that came the end (so it seemed at the time) of certain relationships, one being with my mother and the other being with a really good friend of mine. The relationship with my mother got rocky in mid-late 2018 and I decided to walk away in order to let cooler heads prevail and similar too was the situation with my friend, minus the fact that I walked away from her in early 2019.

Both of these relationships appeared over for various reasons. With my mother it was due to a lack of compromise based on things that were going on in life at the time, with my friend it was more along the lines of a situation that was going on with others in our circle that drove a wedge between us because of something that someone within the circle was doing to me and that she failed (at the time) to see the things that were happening to me.

So I left them both…for different reasons, but in the same way…letting cooler heads prevail and allowing for them to reenter my life if the moment was right.

With my mother, I did not tell her this until after we reconnected back in December 2019 (after 18 months apart), but I had a time limit on that reconnection, if she did not reach out to me somehow, some way to apologize for her actions in 2018 and take some responsibility before the clock struck midnight on January 1st, 2020…then I was gone forever. She did however come through and messaged me on Christmas Eve 2019 and came in under the wire and we have been great ever since. She did apologize and we have reconciled, I am willing to let certain things go just to have her back in my life again, I love my mother of course, and nobody is perfect, but I would rather this than nothing at all.

With my friend the circumstances were a little different. I did not set a timeline, I originally did not think that this reconnection was even going to happen, or that I even wanted it originally, but I then realized in early 2020 that there was a hole in my heart where she used to be, and I wanted that person back in my life no matter what. I do not care how she was to be in my life, I just wanted my best friend back. I overheard from another friend of mine who went to her birthday party back in early February of 2020 that she mentioned that she missed me, and this got the ball rolling in my mind.

Come June 2020, I had again overheard that this friend of mine was going to go hang out with her for another of our friend’s birthdays and this time I gave him a letter I had written to her the previous night (got really inspired) that told her that I did want her back in my life and that I missed her (with my cell number written on the bottom of the letter). Later that night, after she read the letter, I got a text and we eventually spoke on the phone and it was as if there never was a gap of 18 months between the March 2020 walking away and the July 2020 eventual reconnection.

Life feels complete again for me. You all can have the same feeling by just learning to forgive and forget somethings about people in order to allow them back into your life (especially if they added a hell of a lot). It has really helped with my personal growth, especially moving into this decade where I told myself that I did not want to have any 1996-2019 problems persisting, and now that those are cleared up there is only ONE left that needs to be dealt with…

Military Life

More to come on that!

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