Philosophy #17 – The Role of Mercury in Retrograde

Considering that this is being written during the 2nd of 3 Mercury in Retrograde (henceforth will be referred to by the acronym MIR) periods for 2020, this could honestly not be written at a better time. As a Witch, but also someone who does have a fairly profound belief in quite a few of the major pieces of Astrology, MIR was something of a mystery to me until about 2 years ago when I decided to finally look into it, and much like for me, once you read about it, you will not be able to avoid it since you will know.

So let me warn you right now, if you wish to continue living ignorantly to what MIR consists of, and if you would like to not have to worry about the potential negative effects that it can offer (though the rewards are 100 times sweeter) I am going to tell you to look away now. Once you know you are no longer protected from it during the periods it is in effect. Consider this the warning.

Mercury in Retrograde is a period where the planet of Mercury goes into Retrograde compared to the constellations in the sky and more specifically those in the traditional zodiac. In different words, the God Mercury comes into our houses (constellations) and messes with our shit. He wants us to clean up and fix ourselves in order to prepare for the challenges that will come in the next non-MIR period. Mercury is constantly watching us during this period in order to make sure that we are sticking only to doing things that we have already started. In a way this is actually a good thing that there are 3-4 periods of the year where the universe is telling us to focus only on those things that we have already started.

Some of the common things that you will experience during MIR are; technology issues, people seeming more irritable than usual without being able to explain it (but you can), a slower passage of time and also a little chaos within your own sphere because life will be complicated as you are dealing with the things that maybe you did not think you had to.

The rules for MIR are the following; No new relationships, jobs, plans, trips, hobbies or friendships (unless they were underway already prior to MIR) and the biggest one…NO PLANNING ANYTHING FOR AFTER MIR DURING MIR! The whole point of this period in time is to learn to tie up loose ends for the things that we all already have going, not to start new things and have life get more convoluted. The biggest, and most important thing…make sure that you always keep a positive attitude. There is nothing more important than to keep an eye on the prize at the end of the road, MIR usually lasts 21-25 days at a time so it can seem like a daunting task going all of that time without really being able to change routine, but trust me the rewards of a calmer life, peaceful life are so much more worth it and you will be so much more in control and ready to face whatever opportunities are coming your way.

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