The Evolution of Mobile Networks – a Discussion

Algonquin College Social Media Certificate Program

Think back to the first phone that you had…was it a flip phone? Blackberry with a sliding keyboard or maybe you were lucky and your first one had a nice touch screen on it? I just want to take a minute to discuss many of the changes to the smart communication channels that I have noticed over the years. From the 2G networks of the 90s all the way to the 5G networks of the 2020s and beyond (including some of the things that I have heard about 6G which should be arriving c. 2030). This Wikipedia Article talks about the different currently existing mobile phone generations and gives a good recap of everything I am going to talk about, and this video from Brightside on YouTube gives great predictions for the future with 6G.

Early Networks

Starting all the way back in the 1980s 1G cellular networks were used…

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