Live-streaming, is it important?

Algonquin College Social Media Certificate Program

Live streaming has become almost an essential part of having an online presence. But is it useful? I believe it all depends on what type of business or online persona you are. If you are representing a brand or if it is for personal gain to attempt life as an “Influencer”.

Representing a brand on livestreams is a route where you need to be careful of what you say, how you say it, and to make sure what you’re attempting does not come across as negative. Buzzfeed for example is a company who is great at using livestreaming and finding fun ways to attract their audiences. Here you can find one of their most popular videos as well as other companies who are using livestreaming effectively.

Buzzfeed's Watermelon Explosion Challenge
Buzzfeed’s Watermelon Explosion Challenge

The route of an online persona however acquires more freedom in what you can say or do. It allows you…

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