Mercury in Retrograde – a Conversation

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Blog! I figure more a better time than ever since we are nearing the end of the Mercury in Retrograde #1 of 3 for 2020 that it would be best to strike up a conversation about what it all means for everyone and what happens during this time period.

Everyone who has read their horoscopes have no doubt heard of this, but what exactly is Mercury in Retrograde (hence referred to by the acronym MIR)?

MIR is a period of time that occurs from 3-4 times a year where the God Mercury enters into our spiritual houses and in essences fucks our shit up in order to get us to focus on the things that we already have going on in our lives as a way of being able to balance things going forwards. Mercury gets you to stop doing new things and focus on tying up all of the loose ends of things that you have already started and have already on the go so that life can come into balance again.

At first it is rather daunting. The first few that I went through I will admit I was more nervous about the period of time than anything, but I have been focusing on these times of the year for several years now and they bring me a lot of stress, but also a lot of positives at the end of it all. Let me now give you a brief guide on how to survive this period for when it comes next this year (June 18th – July 12th, 2020):

First things first, DO NOT START ANYTHING NEW! This means no new relationships, no new jobs, no new plans no new activities! New things will only add to the immense pressure of things that Mercury is trying to get you to focus on. If there was some thing that was already in progress (let us say you were job hunting and you finally get one during MIR, then yes take it.) prior to the MIR period, then that is okay to proceed with, just do not start something new during the MIR period. It will not end well.

Secondly, Do not make any plans during MIR for after MIR! These kinds of plans will always fall through because you are in a period where Mercury wants you to focus on the things in front of you right now, so planning for the far future is not smart in this period of the year. The one exception is if there was something you were thinking about or have talked about BEFORE MIR then it is okay to bring that up. It is all a fine line.

Thirdly, have a list! I always write down a list of all of the things for me to focus on during MIR and all of the activities to allow myself to do, and remember NOT TO STRAY FROM THIS LIST! Consider this something of a marching order from yourself during this period in order to get your life back on track.

Finally, keep a positive attitude. This period of time is rough for everyone, especially those ignorant of MIR it will just seem like they are grumpier and angrier and just far more irritable, but you are aware of things that they are not. People will be far more confrontational and more “in your face” about everything during these periods of the year. Do not get discouraged, keep trucking along, stick to your list, and put on a smile!

MIR is almost over, it will be over on March 10th, 2020 but it comes around again in the early summer! I hope this helps everyone!

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24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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