University is over for me…for now

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog. As per the title I want to talk about one of the major decisions that I have had to come to over the past few weeks and it was to Completely drop out of Carleton University. I know that I have been only doing a part time course load, and I know that there is not really a whole lot on the school plate, but the life plate has taken a huge HUGE stockpiling over the past couple of weeks and I really need to take the time and walk all of you on the blog here through what this means and also one of the ways that the blog here will be changing just a little bit.

First off, I was going through a major life change of moving out fro my parents house and becoming independent (6 roommates but still) which happened during the transition from 1st to 2nd semester and at that point I started to realize that the university thing just was not working out for me, I was unable to have time to change my life, write, read, game, relax, see friends and family and do all of the homework assignments and readings, which were optional to be frank, and the thing I have learned in life is if there is something that is optional that is upsetting or causing a lot of frustration, then it is okay to be rid of it. I know that they often say that everyone NEEDS to go to school, but I did all of the schooling that I need to be where I am in life, the next stage is making my passions grow and then when they reach the mission stage they will hopefully support me by that time.

Those passions being the Writing and Streaming!

That being said, how is the blog going to change a little bit? I am going to try to get more involved with the WordPress Community, I will read more of other people’s blogs, I will be buying the basic WordPress Premium, I will be posting on here DAILY (as best possible) and just being more active on sharing myself with all of you!

Almost 6 months into blogging and finally, I am here full-time for y’all! Thank you for putting up with my crap internet peoples!

Published by mlevis1996

24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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