Philosophy #13 – Why am I so Cynical?

I have never really used this word to describe myself until more recently. My best friend started to refer to me in 2018 as being rather cynical. I had to look this definition up and according the dictionary it means “believing that people are motivated by self-interest, distrustful of human sincerity or integrity” and it is weird I have to say to think of myself as being someone who believes along these lines, but it is true. I want to take the time now to explain why, and this moves perfectly into why I consider myself the proper founder of Anti-humanist philosophy.

You can see it in the way that people act, most are only out for themselves, and a lot of people do rightfully believe that you can really only look out for “number 1” and bow right they certainly are in a world where essentially everything is out of their control (for the most part) and where it is alleged that only some of us actually have the ability to govern our own lives. That I suppose I have to agree with, but here is the major part of why I am so cynical, and I have talked about it in pervious meditational essays; humanity as a virtue is garbage, and the biggest reason for that are our first reactions.

The way that people react to life speaks volumes as to their wealth (or lack there of) of character. The fact that whenever there is something that most people do not understand, they hate on it instead of trying to understand it. They will pass it off as some sort of bullshit “human nature” concept, but again, as I have spoken of in that pervious piece from earlier in the year, this concept of “human nature” does not exist, and cannot exist if we in any way shape or form want to consider ourselves above the animals. If we are willing to admit that we are nothing but animals, then that is fine, go ahead, say that it is purely “instinctual” for you to hate on something that you do not understand. I for one will not. I will not stoop myself to the level of an animal in those terms at all. I know that we do not have these “human instincts”, they do not exist, so part of what makes me a cynical person is simply that everyone is out for themselves, and that we only have the real compassion to show for those closest to us, never for a stranger, though there are exceptions, but even with those, I am of the belief that people may get themselves into a situation where they are helping another and it always as some ulterior motive. It may not be of the intention to take advantage of anyone, but it is either to make themselves feel good for helping or to make themselves look good outwardly to others. If that is the case than their intentions are very corrupt and with that, I will move to my second point.

Secondly, I am sick and tired of seeing people pretend to care about others. If you wont ACTUALLY CARE about someone, then please kindly go fuck yourself! As someone who lives with an “invisible” disability, I get asked all the time, FOR NO REASON, if I am okay whenever I tic (Asperger’s). This is not only VERY ableist to constantly be asking (which it is never like the persona actually cares, they are just basically hoping that I wont keel over right in front of them), but it puts me in the position to, on the fly no less, judge whether or not you ACTUALLY care enough to be worth the full response and explanation which I have to say gets tiring after a long time of dealing with this. I really hate having to play these kinds of random games with strangers all the time. It is not like these people care, and I can tell if they do nor not. It is in the tone of their voice, it is in the way that they are recoiling at me whenever this happens, it is in the way that they ask it in a “self preserving” kind of way. People are selfish jerks who do not care about anyone except those closest to them and are always out looking after their own interests. I always feel the sooner that younger people are aware of this, the easier it will be to navigate the world. That is not saying that there are no good people out there…it is just that if you are relying on random people to be uplifting, you have got another thing coming.

I wish that when I was travelling anywhere on public transit, unless I know you and we are on good terms, that people would leave me alone. Just saying. I am trying to enjoy life over here, no need for you to bring me down with your negative outlook on life. These Anti-Humanist writings may seem overly negative, but they are someone just calling out the world for what it is doing, and I am not afraid to do so. I fully intend to point out all of the flaws so we can begin to fix it together.

Come at me if you take issue with it. I am ready!

Published by mlevis1996

24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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