Get back to class! W2020 Style!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! It is time now to get back to the school, work and social life grind as the holiday season is over and we need to shake off the cobwebs of the relaxation season. I would say that I have been very busy over the course of the holidays, not only working 12 shifts over the 16 days of the holidays, but also moving out of my parents house and starting my own life. This could not have been a better time for this to happen right on the cusp of a new decade! I also figured that I was VERY much ignoring the blog and that is why it is time to get right back to it now that this chaos is over!

So, what are the immediate plans looking like for Jan 2020? There are 4 fronts to these plans; work, school, personal life and online.

Firstly, on the work front, I will be trying to work as much as possible while doing school, and slowly working towards full-time (which I am hoping to see happen here in 2020).

Secondly, on the school front, I will be doing 2 classes per semester during at the very least the 3 semesters of 2020 (W2020, S2020 and F2020 (2nd Year)) and trying to work in the classes around my work schedule since as I have said it comes first!

Thirdly, in my personal life I will be doing my best to show more care to the friends and family that I have, and adjusting to life being independent for the first time! I will also be hardcore working on my book to get it edited and up on Amazon Kindle Publishing by the end of this month so I can be an author and Philosopher truly! I have been neglecting The Anti-Judgementalism Handbook and my 2019 Meditations for the last 2 months and need to hurry to get them finished off so I can start on my 2nd works! I will also be working on my heath and weight loss this year, as I know now what works and what does not!

Finally, online I will be increasing my presence in all of the online spaces, I have begun on Twitch streaming games a little over the past couple of days (TheAngryRanter) check me out there to catch my streams, I will be vlogging consistently (not every day) and thus keeping everyone up to date on my content, I will be on Twitter, Instagram and Byte (new vine type app, also TheAngryRanter on there) every day, as well as doing Season 2 (2020) of The Angry Ranter Show which starts tomorrow! I am so excited to test out my new recording rig (Snowball Ice Mic) for the sake of my podcast! People listening to my Video game streams have said there is great quality, so I am pumped to get using it to do my podcast!

I hope you all join me here in 2020 on this journey, and I thank you all in advance!

Tally HO! Lets roll!

Published by mlevis1996

24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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