Philosophy #12 – Doing right by my College Self

College for me was a wonderful experience. 4 years that despite the ups and downs that come with any lengthy thing, I would not trade for the world. There are certainly things that I would greatly improve if I could go back, but I have never been one to enjoy thinking in such a way. Instead here is my plan; think about the things that I want to change from my college experience and get cracking right now on making those positives a part of my life right now! It is what I have called “doing right by my college self” and by that, I mean doing the things I wish I had done then, now.

The first of those things is save money. One of the worst habits of mine to date is that I still am not the best at saving money. I can for sure see most of the time WHY I need to save money, but more than half of the time I find myself indulging a little too often (despite being a minimalist) in impulse spending habits, and mostly on food. Whether or not I consider it a lazy piece on my part or not that my brain would almost rather go with food that I need not prepare myself, in exchange for a little bit of money, is up for debate another time, and not in writing. I believe the convenience of it all makes it a more appealing option for sure, but with a little more impulse control and simply finding a way to make sure I justify to myself the reason for the opposite, it should slowly reinforce why it is that I need to not spend money on all of the crap that I do not need.

Secondly, the procrastination was nuts! I was bad for putting things off till the last minute, but even more so, being one of those kinds of people where if the conditions were not PERFECT for me to be able to work, I would not do anything. Here is an example of what I mean; let’s say that I have a research paper due in a week’s time. For much of the week leading up to the due date I would be looking for a time where I can sit down for like 5-6 hours and nail it off, and I have always had a problem with finding that kind of time, and for some really dumb reason, even if I had 2 hours, I would not be able to find that as enough time to get anything done. I have always had a problem with being okay with working incrementally, getting a little bit done at a time until the whole thing is done. That is going to change now that I am in university, I will work hard not to put things off, to work slowly on everything until I can get it done, so that I can not only still work, but have a life on the side too.

Thirdly, not exercising. This for me has been quite an issue too. I put on 60lbs in College and one of my huge goals is to be living a healthy lifestyle consistently by the end of my bachelor’s degree. To lose all the weight (and a little more) that I put on in College and get my life on track that way. I know that once I move out in 2020, I will be going Vegetarian. I really do not feel an overwhelming need to eat meat anymore…but I still love milk, yogurt, cheese, and many of the other REAL dairy products and eggs. I can forgo the other stuff, just do not take away my dairy, eggs and honey just yet. I want that to become my norm first before one day maybe going full Vegan.

Finally, getting down to study! I have to say that I managed to get through College without really studying a goddamn thing. It was about going to class every day, paying attention and reading over all the slides. It allowed me to get through with a B+ average in College, but in University that will no longer fly. I want to make sure that I learn all the material, which is the reason that I am part-timing this experience. I want to make sure that I am in the best place possible to succeed, and with that comes taking things a hell of a lot slower. Not letting society dictate to me how much or how little school to take. I do this shit my way!

There is still a lot that I have to manage and think about, but here are just a few of the ways that I know I will be doing right by my college self, now that I am at the next level!

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24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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