Philosophy #10 – “Humanity” the worst “Virtue”

Humanity. This word both symbolizes all of those who live at the top of the food chain here on planet Earth, but on the other hand, something I feel too many people actually fail to see are the negatives that it represents, the laziness, the egoism, the vanity, the pain and suffering that the simple use of this moniker has caused for so many people. I denounced my personal humanity back in 2013 at the age of 17 when I saw the true state of the world. I have said a number of times (maybe not so much in writing, but here it is) that I would much rather be an observer of human behavior than someone who stoops so low as to participate in the filth that has become of the word “Humanity”. The long and the short of it is that I no longer allow myself to be called “human” and before the term Otherkin or Otherkind and let me explain many of those reasons here.

Firstly, I feel that we as a people have no right to use such a word to describe simply “what it truly means to be human” and ONLY use it to define the positive aspects of what that means. We just seem to figure that if we cherry-pick all the good or positive meanings for the word based on the action of the few truly good of us and that somehow lets all of us off the hook? NO! I disagree 100%. I think we should not be allowed to use that word in description of what it means to be human, if we are not willing to face the fucking music as come to terms with the fact that there is a hell of a lot more negative things that exist in the world over the good things and that the “virtue” of humanity goes both ways. Those who are the “saintliest” of us as well as the ones who are the “most evil” (in quotes because evil/bad/good/great is all open to interpretation), from the Malala Yousufzai’s of the world, all the way to the Saddam Hussein’s of the world as well. It is all in human nature, because a lot of people want to do good, but as I will discuss in a little bit here, a lot of people have a natural tendency towards selfishness and wanting the most possible for themselves and almost refuse to do anything towards helping anyone who does not benefit them.

The sheer vanity that exists within the usage of the word “humanity” frankly makes me want to hurl. The fact that we can just so bluntly say that only those who have done the most possible to help others at maximum possible expense to them is such a bullshit way of looking at things. For one, it is completely one-sided a viewpoint as it only looks at those who do positive things and not those who ONLY act out of vain self-interest and do things that only benefit themselves. Are they in fact not human? I do not want to take this criticism of the definition of “humanity” as me justifying people who murder their own, beg, borrow and steal from others in order to enrich themselves and those who act out on their deviant sexual fantasies and rape others, but I am saying that is wording of allowing our society to glorify those who are supposedly “the most human” with some fucking word is a gross understatement and a MASSIVE devaluation of the usage of that word, of which I think should not exist for the simple reason that those who do the wrongs are human too, and if it were not a part of so called “human nature” (another topic I find bullshit and we can talk about later) then why does it keep happening? Why do people keep doing it and why are more and more people with these so-called “deviant” behaviors if it not just a natural part of being human. You will have those who are strong enough to not act on their every little impulse, and those too weak to fight for long. Just a part of the game of life, so do not deny it, you do yourselves no favours.

See, there is a laziness that comes with the use of this kind of a term as well when people use a phrase like “oh well, I am only human” whenever they make a mistake and they then try to pull it around to be something along the lines of “its only human nature” (again, bullshit) and then try to make it seem like it is okay to just resign themselves to failing because it is a “thing that we all do and thus should be an integral part of who we are as a species”, why is that? Do animals not fail? Have you never seen a cat miss a jump from table to counter? A dog run past the ball that was thrown (or chase no ball)? Animals fail all the time, WHY ARE WE SO SPECIAL?! I think that is very wrong and lazy of us to claim that we are the only ones who fail. It is okay to fail, that is how we learn, but to say it is an integral part of who we are, no. I will not settle for that. I refuse to fail for the sake of failing, I fail because I did something wrong, or did not work hard enough, or was lacking information/practice necessary in order to complete whatever it is. I will not be led down the road of failure simply because others as a species want to assume that it is “a part of who we are as humans”. Fuck you, fuck off and get out of here with that level of bullshit! I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life ever.

Finally, the last part to discuss is what I think we need to do moving towards the future. I think the word “humanity” needs to be retired from our vocabulary, and we need to come up with a word for the “best” of us and the “worst” of us. Not just use a word that us in denial about half of the people who should be classified under this term because we want not to sully this term with the negativity that comes from the murderers, rapists and dictators, all of whom are acting on so called “human” behaviors. They may not be like you and I, but they are still human beings are they not? I leave you with this, and we will speak on this topic again in the future, I assure you.

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24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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