Philosophy #9 – A Meditation on the Afterlife

I have spoken before on the nature of whether or not it is possible to prove my existence in this life, but now I wish to take that one step further and add to it by talking about what I feel may be the end goal of my purpose here. This is something that I have thought about for a long time, and now that I am truly taking that next step and thinking about and questioning the nature of existence, I am willing to ask these tough questions and do the best I can to answer them for myself. What is my purpose here? Why is it that we have a life, gather as much knowledge as we can, affect as much as we can, and then just die off and poof, all of that knowledge is gone and (according to most people anyways) we then do not return to this same plain of existence, we die and go off somewhere else…somewhere eternal.

I wish to posit a potentially different view.

What if, the knowledge that we gather, actually does go with us to the next life, and that yes, according to what it would look like for those of us living right now, it would be considered the “after-life” because it takes place after this current existence is over. What if instead of it being that, it was preparing us, or even judging us to see if karmically speaking we are worthy of moving on to an existence where everyone is at the very least a good person. Where every person who has been proven worthy and it is not just famous people who have been known all of their lives for making change on a massive scale, but also the common Joe or Jane who was a good person all of their lives will go, and all of those with neutral or negative karma scores will be forced to repeat an existence on this plane, to forget all of their knowledge gained, and do it all over again.

What if this next life that we are all working towards, will have us keep all of our memories and knowledge, and have us then live among the others who have also garnered a positive karmic score. In that life there will then be more trials, different ones in what I will call Second Life (no longer after life, and it will make sense in a minute why I am saying this), we will all be good and pure of heart, but in order to move on from Second Life into Third Life, you must set yourself apart during what may be a longer and more reflection-filled life. To me, it is akin to what all Witches are told about Summerland (Wiccan After-life), it is a warm place, where the weather is always perfect and the setting is the perfect place to reflect on one’s life and prepare to make the inevitable return to this plane of exitance. The only difference I feel being the fact that that will be what the next life is, that eventually you will die in that realm and if you have set yourself even further apart from the rest of the crowd (let us say there were 8 Billion people when you died in First Life, and then when you got to Second Life there were only 5 Billion, it is about setting yourself above those who are there and they come from all across human history), then you will be able to move on to Third life, which will have even less people (say 1 Billion) and it will have different challenges and tasks for your longer life there and so on. Prove yourself in Third Life and you can move onto Fourth Life with even fewer people who have set themselves apart from the previous crowd (Say 500 Million) and so on and so forth until eventually there is an end (I am not sure when or where, but there will be one) where you sit among immortals who are talked of only in storybook context back in First Life territory.

This is First Life, and I fully believe that if we were only given the one life to live, we would all be pushed towards experiencing only hedonistic pleasures, so that when we die at the end of this life, we could say we have done stuff before poofing out of existence forever. I do not believe this to be the case. I think this life is set up as a testing grounds (as with the rest of them going up) for the knowledge that we gain in this life, to them use it to help our lives in Second Life if we get to move on to it, if we do not because of some form of karmic imbalance, then when we die we will be reborn unto the same plane of existence in First Life, with the karma bank reset and we will try it again. There is no Heaven or Hell, but a world where the only people who live there are people who have made positive contributions throughout their time in First Life, where there would always be sunny days, green grass and cool breezes. Where there would be no crime and where we could do as we please because the universe would trust us to do so, is that not a comforting thought? Something to drive one to want to do good in this life? For sure it is!

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24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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