Philosophy #11 – Free will vs Determinism (My Take)

The topic to discuss in this essay I know is not one with a specific right or wrong answer, but merely something that I wish to take a stab at and throw my hat in the ring with my views on the concepts of Free will vs Determinism. It really is that age-old question of […]

My allergy is…Allergen Not Determined!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Despite having the late working nights, I was out and about during the day today because I had allergy testing to get done since I have been suffering under some of the effects of an allergen (of some kind) without really knowing what to do about it. […]

Reading Week over, on to the second half of semester!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Not going to lie, I miss typing on the blog when I am busy in my day to day life, it is a bit of a de-stressor for me. I know that I journal off line on the daily, but this is just another of my many […]

The busy will soon be over, the short relax can begin!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Week 7 is over and now that I am back at work for the weekend I just have to say that I cannot wait for Sunday at 8am to arrive haha (that is after work for me for all the new people to the blog who do […]

Philosophy #10 – “Humanity” the worst “Virtue”

Humanity. This word both symbolizes all of those who live at the top of the food chain here on planet Earth, but on the other hand, something I feel too many people actually fail to see are the negatives that it represents, the laziness, the egoism, the vanity, the pain and suffering that the simple […]

Off now till Reading Week is over!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! To all of the fantastic people who have just subbed, welcome to the public documenting of my University journey, along with the philosophical musings! I cannot believe I have been at this now for over a month and a half and that the reception has been quite […]