Slipping a bit, but welcome to Week 5!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Blog! This week is looking at having quite a few exciting things going on. First thing is first, as you have probably noticed from the title, my grades are slipping a little in my Latin class because I have been forgetting to study the material a little every day. I am now going to be getting myself back on track with everything and since this is something that I really do want, I need to prove it to myself. I will not reward myself with a new smart watch (as is the plan) if I do not pass the course with anything less than an 80%! I am still aggregate above that mark, but I am getting really damn close.

So, what is on tap for this week? Starting with today I got into the University around 730 this morning to make sure that I had more than enough time to study and get myself caught up. I now will be doing that for quite a while here tonight, then going home and probably hitting the hay early as I need to be up and attem to get downtown for a Radio Station Live event that I will be helping to promote the station from around 645am-10am and then again on Friday from 645am-930am so I am curious to get a chance to be active with the radio station, and since I missed the dates for the training and have to wait two weeks, maybe this is a way to make my face public and maybe get pushed in for the second round of training to get working in the station.

Wednesday I will be having a late night studying and getting more things done personally, just wanting to make sure I am good to go study-wise for the first big test that we have on Monday next week on Chapters I-IV. Thursday I have a dentist appointment and hang with the squad in the evening then Friday back to the volunteering in the morning, then work that night!

New Philosophical Piece coming up right now! I hope it gets you thinking!

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24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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