The Defining Issue of Our Time!

My sign for the 2019 Climate Strike on September 27th, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Yesterday was one of the biggest days in recent history, when the world took to the streets (along with yours truly) in protest of arguably the largest issue of our time; Climate Change.

Terrorism gripped the world in the 2000s, Economic Downturn in the 2010s, and now here we are on the cusp of the 2020s and I fully believe that Climate Change is going to be the biggest issue we face moving into that next decade, especially considering that we are running out of time, and have only around 10 years left to have something in place that has been running for several years at least.

A lot of people on the right like to argue that a lot of jobs will be lost and a lot of economic growth will be stamped out, but I believe that they are just refusing to face the facts of a changing world. We would not be able to shut down all of the fossil-fuel producing jobs on day 1! That is the reason that the goal is HALF of the emissions are reduced by 2030, then THE REST by 2050! That gives us 30 years of action! I am confident there will be a much larger Green turnout, but I am concerned that no one else will do anything before it is too late (looking at Liberals, Conservatives and NDP here (no one cares about the “People’s Party”))

Here is what I see, and maybe I am wrong, but these are my views; I am fully in support of many other issues; gun reform, abortion, euthanasia, electoral reform, LGBTQIA+ rights and so many more, but IF NO ONE IS LEFT ALIVE BECAUSE THE PLANET KILLS US ALL OFF, then who is still going to be here to reap the benefits of all of that hard work? NO ONE!

So listen people, you may not like the truth of what is coming and what is already here, but the planet is fucked at the moment, and it is our DUTY to do what we can…there is no planet B (and do not say we can “just go to Mars” I would not trust us to keep it safe from our destructive ways).

That is all I have, let me know what you think in the comments! New Philosophical Piece coming Monday!

Published by mlevis1996

24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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