Welcome to Week 3!

I can tell you off the hop in this entry that this week is by far going to be one of the more hectic ones, and I know that is weird to say when I have only had two weeks precede this one, but after having done 4 years in College (community college for my American friends) at Algonquin College, I have been around the bend before, this is just my first time in University!

The best thing about the week to come (and today though it is more than half over at the typing of this) is all of the re connections and new introductions that I get to do. Today, I met with an old friend that I have not seen since early in third year College (2016-17) and she has been going here for a number of years now, and will still be here on campus for another few years finishing up one bachelor’s degree, then she wants to do a complimentary, second bachelors degree and then Masters and PHD (to teach one day just like me). All of which I think is super awesome and that means there may be a legitimate re connection of the friendship that was.

Then tomorrow I will be re connecting with a friend I have not spoken too in over a year, he was dealing with some personal things and I am more than glad to get the opportunity to catch up with him. He is my oldest friend (we go back to September of 2000) and I will be bringing a new guest onto my podcast episode tomorrow which will be awesome!

Wednesday I will be meeting the executives from the Philosophy Society and looking to join their executive team (day one and already get to help run the place haha!) Then I will be having a follow up meeting with one of my Professors about what path forward I want to take and then I will be doing an orientation session for the Radio Station as I am looking to get in there! Time to keep organized!

Thursday I am looking at taking the day to relax, do errands, hang out with the squad, you know the usual!

Friday is a double working day! I have a day shift from 8am-4pm then have to be back in for the overnight from Midnight till 8am Saturday morning! Gonna make me some money! (lol I am a Social Service Worker it is not about the money)

Working on the weekend as well, and it is the perfect time to work on writing my book, reading or something of the like! I am stoked for the week ahead, going to be busy, but one step at a time and it will be easy to handle!

Side note, got my first Latin assignment back and got a 95% on it! We also had a quiz today on that same material and I felt rather confident! So I think I am starting University on the right foot!

Talk to you all later! (I will post an essay now too!)

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24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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