Philosophy #3 – Job to Mission Hierarchy Pt. II

I have already prefaced another piece of writing on this subject, but I am thinking that I want to dive a little deeper into this. In my first part of this I merely outlined what each of the levels means, but I want to take a little deeper dive and answer a few more things that I know will come up in the reading of this. One of those biggest of questions that arises to me is the why. Why is it that people will stick in one of the lower levels instead of doing the most that they can to move up as much as they can? Why is it that people get “lost in the day-to-day” and somehow forget to strive for the most possible for themselves? It is something that I would like to dub proper selfishness when one chooses to focus on themselves before choosing to then take responsibility for building a better life and giving back to others. Choosing to get yourself fully educated, choosing to work your way up to how ever high you wish to climb in your job to mission hierarchy before than choosing to have kids or get married. I have never understood why there are so many people who jump and make these decisions without considering how it is possible for EVERYONE to get somewhere where they can provide the best possible life for their off-spring and more importantly where they will not resign themselves to mediocrity working some 9-5 job at a business that they hate and for sure never see themselves as moving up within, or working nights at some dingy diner just to keep the lights on at home. The vast, VAST majority of us (baring some of the worst possible of life circumstances) have opportunities in life to make ourselves successful, but people tend to pump out too many excuses for why this cannot happen, they are not willing to put in the work or they want the payoff now, so they can have the “goals” that everyone else has like starting the family, owning the house and being married all by 35.

People need to come to understand that not everyone is meant to have the same goals, it is only when looking up the hierarchy for yourself that you can see your own path to the top, and people should not be willing to just settle with the mediocrity of the lower levels. In my mind one has failed on the path of life towards their mission if they stop striving to better themselves. If someone just settles on their “lot in life” and decides that there is no way to better themselves, they are completely wrong. The problem is too many people are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to allow for this path to open. Not all of us are meant to have children, get married, own homes, so we need to understand that, and with that knowledge know that there is a way for us to reach our mission level, and we need to be willing to drudge through the drudgery in order to get to that point, no matter how long it takes.

The 21st century, and especially 2019 being the worst of it yet, is a time in history where everyone wants everything now and is not willing to put in the work to move up if it looks remotely hard. Too many people, especially where I live, are okay with being confined to this mediocre existence where they go to university or college and find some way to get into the government and then work for the next 40 year in a job that they start out liking, that has some impressive title, where they may make a fair bit of money, but then that is it, they resign themselves to the mediocrity of that position and never go back and get a Masters or a PHD or never invest in a hobby that they enjoy doing to the point where they can start making any money off of it.

Nope…they stop…resigning themselves to the failure of their mission.

Now, I cannot tell you what exactly your mission is (or the mission of anyone I know for that matter), but only you can know what that is. It must be something based off your passion where in some way shape or form you are giving back. Some may find teaching a passion (which it certainly is, but it is not mission worthy), but then the mission that follows needs to be an ability to give back to the maximum number of people possible, being Principal or even working for the school board in a high position where the maximum amount of change can be done is required, but most people are not willing to make that sacrifice in order to see that happen. A small hit for you, massive change done just the way you want to do it.

One cannot exact change or create a positive environment if you do not have the means to make it happen. It sickens me to see so many people with a lot of potential give up in life and resign themselves to working at McDonalds for the rest of their life. No matter how much you like the job, that is just it…it is a job…not even a career. I have already outlined what the requirements for each section of the hierarchy entail so I will not repeat myself, but I will argue till the end of time that moving up even to become the manager of a McDonalds is not a career…its your job. Same applies to those who stick it out in the career field at a 9-5 office job they hate. Mediocrity at work.

Now, at the passion level it is less of an issue resigning yourself to it, but you must understand that this does mean you have failed your mission. This is the reality of this situation. You could have done more, sacrificed more of yourself in trying to find or work towards that mission. Do not hesitate, just do. You must understand that this is for your betterment.

Mission level lives are hard to get to, but we can all achieve it if we try, it is just the fact that too many people wont. Yes, there is not a lot of room at the top, but that means soon we must all begin creating our own opportunities. I will talk more about that later.

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