A Hectic Week that was

Hello again everyone. I apologize for not writing anything over the last couple of days, it is just that the week that was (and now that I look at my schedule the week ahead as well) as been quite busy. I have had a lot of meetings, running around, squeezing work and school together and catching up with old friends as I did yesterday.

I do want to update you all on something and that is just the fact that it has been quite a long time since I have dealt with this level of chaos. I have been out of school for over a year (April 2018 being the last time I was in class) and this was an amazing 16 months off from school (quite relaxing), but I felt that I lacked any sense of direction and I will have to admit, even though I made a decent amount of money from working part-time over the course of the year in my field…I saved none of it as I had really no direction. I knew I wanted to move out, but there was nothing nipping me in the butt (so to speak) to help push me, whereas now that I am back in school again, that structure is really helping me with the goals.

The chaos that I have been dealing with is not at all something I would consider negative. It is just a natural part of life and more so of new beginnings. There is a lot of excitement and movement, but when you try to slow down at the beginning to take it all in, there is just a whole lot more going on there than you originally realize. I have found over the course of the past several years, the best way to deal with chaos is to own it.

Imagine Chaos as being what it looks like when you keep your eyes open and spin really fast, but imagine your ON something that is spinning really fast, everything is rushing by you and you are getting dizzy (overwhelmed) and sick (stressed out). The best way to get off the ride is to jump off (own it). If you say to yourself “yes, this chaos is my life at the moment” this is how you can get past and even beat it. Yes things are going to be a little dizzy when you jump off this metaphorical ride of chaos, but then everything comes into focus again and slowly your stomach settles.

This to me has been my method for dealing with chaos, and one of the things that chaos tries to do is make it so we forget we have the ability to own it, by having us get lost in it. Do not lose yourself in the chaos, own it and you can beat it!

I will be posting up another of my essays right after this as well and I will be typing up a couple new ones to one day share with you all this weekend!


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24, Father of Anti-Humanist Philosophy (The AntiJudgementalism Handbook (2020) and 2019 Meditations (2020))

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